How to "Get All Your Sh*t Together"

Added on by Aric Johnson.

If your daily commute here in the Bay Area goes by Brokaw Road on the 880, you might have noticed a new billboard on the side of the freeway starting today. 


Silicon Valley, don't be alarmed by the giant poopy emoji. It is a friendly sign that we just put up to kick off odrive's beta campaign ;) 

We Built odrive Because Everything is Everywhere 

Do you use Google Drive? Or maybe OneDrive? Do you have multiple Dropbox accounts, with one for your team at work and another one for your personal music collection? Or maybe you have both Box and Dropbox Pro? How many photos did you upload to Facebook over the last 10 years? Oh right, and how about all the email attachments you've accumulated on Gmail? 

Truth is a lot of us use a lot of apps now days. Your clients might want to share files with Box, but then your friends want to share videos on Dropbox. It's hard to choose just one. 

We created odrive to make your life a little easier as your digital life continues to grow. You don't have to choose. Don't worry about consolidating or switching back and forth. Let us help you simplify so you can just get to all your stuff hassle-free. 

Get All Your Sh*t Together 

odrive is your folder to everything online. It links to your existing apps and other storage services, so you can simplify how to access and manage all your stuff that is scattered everywhere. 

With odrive, you can get everything together in a simple sync folder. Our progressive sync lets you quickly sync only the stuff you want when you want it. And if you don't really need those files anymore? Just unsync anything with one click so you don't have to use up all your hard drive space.

Everything in One Folder

Our goal is to help you get everything together in the easiest way possible. Right now you can use odrive with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook and Instagram. Soon you'll be able to use it with Gmail, Box, Salesforce and more. 

Oh and it's more than just apps! We also have a way for you to connect to your existing storage that isn't in the cloud. Soon you can even use odrive with your file servers too! 

We Respect Your Privacy - What's Yours is ALWAYS Yours

Your files are as safe as wherever you already uploaded them to. Don't worry because we're not storing anything. odrive doesn't copy or store any of your files. It is just an easier way to access what you already have in one place (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). We do not have access to your stuff so you can have the peace of mind knowing whatever is yours will always be yours. 

Did I even mention odrive is free? Just download odrive right now at

Do it. Try it. Tell us what you think and we hope you'll love it too :)