Strong Encryption for Everyone

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In the history of technology, there's always been a tension between security and convenience. This tension is nowhere more apparent than with encryption given the public concern over personal privacy and National Security objectives. And no matter how many data breaches are publicized (or even if a user experiences personal identity theft), there is not widespread adoption of encryption technology. Convenience and apathy win out every time for most.

Strong encryption for everyone -- an impossible challenge?

Odrive has met the challenge, we think. As you already know, odrive is known for allowing you to link all your clouds and storages, and access them all in one place.

Now, you can create encryption folders for any storage that you already use. This is key. You do not need to set up a separate storage environment to set up encryption. Encryption folders work exactly like any other folders except everything is automatically encrypted before data leaves your computer.

Snowden-approved Cloud Storage

In 2014, Edward Snowden, the N.S.A. whistle blower famously directed people to “get rid of Dropbox” because it is not encrypted. With odrive, you can keep your Dropbox and everything else without defying Snowden. Odrive turns vanilla storage into strongly encrypted, secure cloud storage.

With odrive, the Cloud only sees and stores your encrypted information. Odrive has “Zero Knowledge” of your secret passphrase that is required to decrypt your data. This means that you stay in complete control of your privacy.

For Snowden, this type of individual encryption for the masses is music to his ears. For the NSA, where encryption keys are not knowable to the cloud or the provider, snooping will be impossible.

The Reigning Terror of Apathy is Over?

With odrive, you can easily protect your privacy without sacrificing convenience. Of course, not everyone will do it, but they can and should, as we've made it really easy to secure your cloud.

Learn how and secure your cloud today!