Download All Your Facebook Albums

Added on by Aric Johnson.


I accumulated over 5000 photos and 40 albums on Facebook

I've been using Facebook for 10 years. Over all these years I've uploaded over 5000 photos and accumulated over 40 albums on Facebook. 

As embarrassing as some of my college photos might have been, I didn't want to delete them from Facebook, because I don't have the original copies of a lot of them anymore. As a result I had to make many of my Facebook albums private, but they are still just sitting on Facebook because downloading each picture one by one is a huge hassle. 

I'm sure many of you reading this may not have the same problem because you are much smarter about backing up your stuff (I was too lazy when I was younger). But regardless I'm sure a lot of you do have photos stuck on Facebook somehow. Pictures from your summer vacation, or photos others tagged of you from a wedding last weekend. 

How to get all your Facebook photos back with odrive

Just install odrive and link it to your Facebook account. odrive automatically downloads all of your photos and your albums onto your computer for you. Even photos tagged of you too! All your tagged photos are automatically sorted by year , so you can easily find whatever you want. 

Check out the quick video - I got all my Facebook photos and albums within minutes :) 

Here at odrive, we want to bring all your stuff together so you can easily manage everything the way you want to. 

It's super easy and it's free! Try it out and let us know what you think ;)