Instagram Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

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Sync Instagram photos onto your computer and do more!


Instagram is a canvas for creativity. You post photos for your friends and family to see, even admire. In turn, you view their photos and “like” some to express your appreciation.

Instagram is a gorgeous, visual smorgasbord but it is virtually impossible to efficiently find and download the photos you need, especially when you need to work with a lot of photos.

With over 400 million users, Instagram is more than just a viewing platform. People and businesses have started relying on it for much more and want to do more with Instagram.

What would happen if there were desktop sync to your Instagram?

Anything becomes possible.

Making the hard, easy

If you’ve been reading the Becoming odrive publication, you’ll notice a consistent theme running through the stories: we make hard to access data, easier to access by syncing it to your desktop file system.

You read how odrive helps Slack to become the ultimate digital office and how odrive makes email better.

odrive is able to do this by simply making your files readily available where you work around files. We can’t predict how you will use the files, but we strive to present them in ways that optimize their utility for how you may want to use the files.

With our Instagram integration, we present photos in 3 distinct folders on your desktop.

  1. My Posts. This is a collection of all the photos you’ve ever posted to your Instagram.
  2. Posts I liked. This is a collection of all the photos that you have liked by tapping on that heart. You see it, you want it — then just tap it. It will be right there in your odrive folder.
  3. Hashtags. This allows you to bulk download photos that have been marked with a specific hashtag. In the screenshot above, the folder labeled “#mets” will contain all the photos tagged with #mets.

The possibilities are endless with desktop sync

What can you do with all the photos in Instagram at your fingertips? An Instagram Wall Calendar, of course!

You can read more from Joe Kuffner how he made this work of art. This was a project that was years in the making. He had asked students to post photos with hashtag #UP, effectively using Instagram as a distributed photo capture device. Smart!

The number of photos had built up into several thousands — what would Joe have done before odrive? He would have had to click on each photo and save it to his local file system — one by one.

Lucky for Joe, he did have odrive.

He created a hashtag folder for #UP, which automatically sync’d all photos with that hashtag. He was able to flip through the photos, select the ones he needed, and then print them. That’s it!

We can’t measure precisely but we’ll take Joe’s word that odrive saved him

“tons of time.”

What do you want to do with your Instagram files?

We’d love to hear all about it!