Are You Promiscuous With Cloud Storage?

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Linking multiple accounts can be good for your business


I love cloud storage! Who doesn’t?

It’s plentiful and free. It’s safe even when you share a lot. It doesn’t judge when you upload all the stuff you wouldn’t want anyone to know you owned. It still loves you back when you ignore it until you need your stuff.

And you don’t need to be faithful to any one cloud storage. It does not play hard to get; it is easy to get some. You can try different flavors or even sign up for multiple accounts of the same flavor.

If you practice polyamory — love of multiple clouds — like I do, you know that such freedom of love comes with a price. It is a drag to browse and login to every account. It is an irritant to logout and login, one by one, over and over again. Having your content everywhere can give you pain in all the wrong places.

Lucky for me, I have odrive in my life.

One application, one login

As you can see, I am quite the flirt.

While a flirt, I also do not break up with my clouds. I have dated different clouds over the years depending on the use case and needs at the time. I’ve married some clouds whose values were very strong, while some others I just stayed in it because of the kids, I mean, data.

For one cloud — Google Drive — I have linked to two separate accounts, one for family and one for work.

There is really no limit how many accounts you link to, or which clouds. You can link to multiple Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google. Some people do it to aggregate the free storage that comes with each account.

Many odrive users do it to run their business, smarter.

Learn to love to link a lot for business

If you are polyamorous in your business, you are likely drowning in data sorrow. odrive can turn your tears into joy.

You may want to create a separate account for each client or per project. It is an easy way for businesses to create a secure sharing environment for each engagement.

Today, cloud is pervasive. It is easy to get but not always easy to use in a way that can drive up productivity.

odrive now makes the union of your business with all your clouds — a happy ending.

Get even more promiscuous today!