Facebook Has All My Pictures!!!!!!

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Now get them all back

source: techtimes.com

I am your typical Facebook user. I’m active some times, and can drop off completely off the face of the earth at other times… only to be pulled back in by some sneaky notification or curiosity gets the best of me.

When I’m active, I post quite a few pictures. Even when I’m not active, I can count on my friends to tag me in pics.

For some reason, I don’t give much thought to where all these pictures go. Somewhere in Facebook heaven… or graveyard?

Of course, I know the pictures are all sitting on a Facebook server farm but I don’t really think of the pictures as mine.

But I should — we all should.

There’s an app for that

This is a bigger problem than just Facebook. It’s all your apps like Instagram, Slack and Hipchat, for example. It’s where we spend most of our time. Apps connect with us at specific points of relevance — where we take pictures, talk to our friends, collaborate with teammates, etc.

Apps drive the growth of data more than anything else.

And yet, we don’t think of app storage as cloud storage, when in fact, it is as much cloud storage as Dropbox or Google Drive. There is no difference between storage that you buy and move content into, and storage that an app fills up.

I have more apps than I can shake a stick at. And yet I know I will adopt new apps in the future at an even faster clip.

With each app, my data sits in a different server farm somewhere.

How do we reclaim our data?

odrive can help.

Like this, if you want your data

Let’s take a look at my Facebook on my desktop. Facebook is a folder, along with my other apps and cloud storage — all on my desktop.

What is that photo? It was my high school yearbook photo that I posted on “throwback Thursday” as a profile picture. I made that post about two years ago.

I’m able to capture every photo and video I’ve ever posted to Facebook, and even pictures posted by friends who tagged me. Albums and timeline photos are automatically pulled together. Photos are organized by device.

Instead of browsing and scrolling through the Facebook interface, I can now easily find all my pictures on my desktop.

My pictures are now exactly where I want them to be. On MY desktop.

Of course, I will continue to post new pictures and videos to Facebook. And I will continue to use apps for different use cases.

While my data is everywhere, I also have them all in one place. In My odrive.

odrive is free to link to all your apps and storage. Get started today, get back control over all your data.