Is Your Cloud Storage Slow As Shit?

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Meet the fastest personal cloud storage in the universe

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Is Dropbox the fastest? Nope.

OneDrive? Not even close.

Amazon Cloud Drive? Uh-uh.

Google Drive? You’re getting warmer…

Give up?

Google Cloud Storage

That’s right folks. I’m not talking about Google Drive. I’m talking about Google’s infrastructure cloud storage.

But you said “personal cloud storage”.

That I did. Not too long ago I thought the same: Google Cloud Storage is not a service that every-day people can utilize effectively. But, it is a brave new world out there. Infrastructure cloud storage is no longer locked away behind an API, where Engineering and IT are the only keymasters. Today you can sync to Google Cloud Storage as easily as you do any other consumer storage. Better, in fact, because it is balls to the wall, blazing fast.

Ludicrous Speed.. Go!

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So, how much faster is Google Cloud Storage? I am just completing a comprehensive performance analysis of Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, S3, and Google Cloud Storage in 7 different environments. Below are a few examples from a forthcoming post detailing my results. In terms of average upload speed, Google Cloud utterly destroys everything, across the board. I mean, it’s not even close.

When comparing average download speed, the competition heats up a bit, but Google Cloud still comes out on top, thoroughly trouncing a good number of the competitors.


The right tool for the job

Tapping into this blistering speed is easy. You need just one thing: odrive.

odrive overlays its progressive sync engine on top of a multitude of storage providers, including Google Cloud Storage. It strips away all of the complexities and restrictions, making storage that was previously thought of as inaccessible, now an exceedingly usable option for your personal cloud. You can sync, share, manage, and protect your data on the fastest storage available, if you like, without sacrificing a thing.

Storage for every occasion

Look at that! The cloud storage world just got a lot bigger. You now have the luxury of choosing storage according to your specific needs and use cases. You don’t have to lock yourself into the “prescribed” cloud storage choices, nor do you have to limit yourself to a single storage offering. Choose based on the merits of the storage, alone, and let odrive do the rest.

So, if you happen to be looking for the fastest solution around, it is available to you today with odrive and Google Cloud Storage!