Dropbox Infinite-ly Late To The Game

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Dropbox’s Project Infinite is nothing new for odrive users

Dropbox made a breathtaking announcement today:

It’s revolutionary alright, but not new.

For odrive users, they have long understood the pains associated with accessing content locally on a machine that has limited storage when there is lots of content — and that odrive is the answer.

As one tweet noted, it’s a copy right down to the logo:

We should not be surprised as we laid out the future for Dropbox in an earlier Medium article.

Perhaps we should be flattered, as the saying goes. We’re just glad Dropbox has decided to hop on to OUR revolution that was begun eons ago.

Of course, providing effective sync access to your unlimited cloud is not merely a project for us. It’s a mission. And it’s ready. Today.

Infinite access to everything under the Sun

The other thing that odrive users know is that we all use more than one cloud. Our stuff is everywhere, in multiple clouds, apps and storage. Fragmentation is a fact of life but you don’t need to fall victim to its sprawl.

You can use odrive for all your clouds under the Sun and on the Planet. This includes Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Box — and even Dropbox so you don’t have to wait for their Project to be completed.

For a complete list of supported clouds, go here.

The cloud storage revolution — we’ve only just started.

If and when Dropbox Infinite does eventually come to fruition, it’s supposedly available only for subscribers to the Business edition.

To all other Dropbox users: No need to start a riot.

odrive is available to you now.

Join the revolution and get it now!