The Year Of Magical Sharing

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How to finally share everything without it being a P.I.T.A.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to astound you and dazzle you. What if I were to tell you that you could have a folder — of anything — and that you can have that folder suddenly appear everywhere you want it to be. Voila!

Alright, I might be playfully overplaying my hand here but I really think that odrive is truly magical. Any storage you have — is turned into shared storage. Share what you already have — without uploading. Whatever you have in a folder — instantly shows up everywhere. And it’s ridiculously easy to set up.

You might think it magical, too, considering what is normally required to share your stuff.

Let me demonstrate with an event that we are all too familiar with — the family get-together.

It’s a family sharing-palooza

After the hugs, kisses and goodbyes, each family decamps back to their own lives. And then the flurry of pictures start flying across machines, across different apps (email, text, web links, etc.), and across the country.

Is this you?

  • Some of your family are able to get pictures to you by email or text, but they end up buried in your email or phone storage.
  • Some family members can not figure out how to share pictures and give up, so their pictures are stuck in their phones and camera storage.
  • Someone “tech savvy” like Uncle Johnny tells everyone to send all the pictures to him who will then upload it all to his Dropbox and send out a sharing link. Doable, but requires a lot of coordination, competency, and lots of effort.
  • Someone even more “tech savvy” — Aunt Sally — says she’ll set up a new, shared storage account and everyone can upload it there. Doable, but costly and still requires lots of coordination, competency, and significant uploading.

There must be a better way.

Now you see it… now you see it everywhere!

I have a folder of pictures stored in Amazon Cloud Drive labeled “Alex’s pics from BBQ” which were downloaded from my phone.

I have my BBQ pictures under a folder “Spring 2016 BBQ”.

I right-clicked on the folder and was able to kick off a share of that folder.

I send an email invite to Allison, Amanda, Aunt Cindy, Laura, Lauren, Nick, Ray, and Simon. After they accept the email invitation, they have the folder “Spring 2016 BBQ” on their desktop with all my BBQ pictures!

Just like that, everyone immediately saw my pictures on their own desktop.

If you have a folder, you can make it appear everywhere, out of nowhere, just like that.

Voila — bi-directional magic!

What happens next, you must experience.

My family members added their pictures to the same “Spring 2016 BBQ” folder.

Against my explicit instructions to add only pictures, my rebellious niece, Allison, defiantly added her music that she played during our family outing. Us older folk who grew up in the ’80s were happy that her collection included Depeche Mode.

The result is that I was able to create a two-way sharing experience with my family so that our pictures could be aggregated and organized with minimal effort.

The effect is a family that can stay in sync despite the distance.

Sharing storage the odrive way is magical not just for family gatherings. It can be used in work context where sharing is important like with teams and clients.

Let us know what magic you create.