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How to Use Multiple Dropbox Accounts Together

Added on by Aric Johnson.

If you’re an avid Dropbox user (or free storage aficionado), you probably make use of multiple accounts on Dropbox. You’ve also, undoubtedly, been less than satisfied when trying to access those multiple accounts on your desktop.

You could try 1 of the 412 super-hacky results that come up in a “How to use multiple Dropbox accounts” Google search, OR you could just use odrive! With odrive, you can connect to as many Dropbox accounts as you want and access them all with a superior sync engine.

Accessing multiple accounts has never been easier

To connect another Dropbox account, first logout of your current Dropbox account and login in with your alternate credentials.  You can then choose "Manage links" from the odrive taskbar menu or go to and click on the big plus sign ("+ Get more links"). Rinse and repeat with as many Dropbox accounts as you'd like to add!

Keep things lite by only syncing what you need

odrive uses Progressive Sync to deliver the fastest, most lightweight sync experience,  without sacrificing any of the benefits of cloud synchronization.

Instead of forcing you to choose ahead of time what files and folders you need, odrive shows you all the folders in your storage and syncs them as you browse into them. This way you aren't forced to sync tons of files you don't need, but can dig into any folder in your Dropbox, on-the-fly, as deep and as wide as it goes.

Unsync to save space on your computer

If you’ve completed work on a project, for example, odrive allows you the option to easily unsync file and folders on your computer, freeing up the space they were occupying on your local hard drive. If you ever need them again you can easily just double-click to re-sync them. Its super easy.

More than just Dropbox

odrive currently connects to Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, Google Drive, Box, Copy, Gmail, Instagram, FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, and even your own file servers! Login to odrive and try it out for yourself! 

How to Combine 42GB of Free Storage from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive

Added on by Aric Johnson.

“Free Cloud Storage” is everywhere and who doesn’t like free! Box, Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft all offer tons of free storage. But every one of those companies has a plan to get you hooked so you eventually PAY for more. For some of us, cloud storage isn’t a justifiable cost. And some of us just enjoy the taste of Free-dom. So, if you have an email account, you can easily get 42 GBs of free storage in less than 5 minutes.

odrive is available for both Mac and Windows!

odrive is available for both Mac and Windows!

If you’re like me, you probably use one or all of those services already and you know it can be a PITA to use all your different accounts together. You’ve got to use the web to access your files (and have a ridiculously messy “Downloads” folder). If you want desktop access, you’ve got to download 4 different applications that sync everything you put in the cloud, directly to your computer. And those applications don’t play very nicely together when running them at the same time (at least that’s what my CPU tells me).

Fear not! There is finally a way to get the most out of COMPLETELY FREE storage.

odrive is the best way to utilize all your free storage seamlessly

odrive is your folder to everything you already use online. For you quick-to-judge haters out there, we’ll start with what it isn’t. odrive isn’t cloud storage. We don’t store (or want) your data, your files, or even your passwords. With odrive, you are connecting directly to your storage so your data does not go through us. Trust me, we don’t want your confidential files, your #selfies, or photos of your unmentionables. We just want to make your life easier! Here’s how odrive works:

odrive lets you connect directly to all your disparate storage apps and brings them all to you in a single desktop folder. What’s more is that odrive allows you to connect to multiple accounts on the same storage platform. Personally, I have 2 Dropbox accounts, 2 Gmail/Google Drive accounts, 1 Box, and 1 OneDrive account (not to mention 1 Facebook and 1 Instagram account).


I want my 42GBs of Free Storage!

To get your free storage you do need to sign up for the services I mentioned above. You can do that here.

After signing up, all you need to do is install odrive, then connect those accounts like we demonstrate in the video below. 

You are now free to move about your storage

odrive makes your cloud storage feel like local storage...because it is! Once you have a file synced to your computer, files can be dragged and dropped. You can move them around from account to account to keep things organized just the way you like.

Open and edit files directly from odrive and it will make sure when you hit that save button, the latest version of the file will make it to your cloud storage. And, if you are offline at the time you save, it will make sure the files get to the cloud once you re-establish internet connection. 

Double your storage, double your fun!

From one free-isseur to another, I love me some free stuff. We got 42GBs of free storage with a single email. How about using another email to get another 42GBs? odrive lets you connect to as many accounts as you want and you can literally do this as many times as you want, with as many different emails as you’d like to use (or create).

Happy Clouding!

odrive is available for Mac and Windows. No gimmicks. Just better access to all the stuff you already use online.

- Aric 

How to Use Your Dropbox and Box Together

Added on by Aric Johnson.

Box vs Dropbox? Now you don't have to choose

Many users love Dropbox and many users love Box. A quick google search will return hundreds and thousands of results comparing the two. Should I use Dropbox? Should I use Box? Truth is there are plenty of good reasons to use both depending on what your needs are. Do you have your own Dropbox to share photos with your family? But perhaps your company is using Box for internal document sharing? 

With odrive you can easily use both Dropbox and Box together in one folder. Now you don't have to choose or switch back and forth between the apps on your computer.  

Use Box and Dropbox together in one folder 

Once you have odrive, just double click on the Box or Dropbox folder within the odrive folder. Login with your Box and Dropbox credentials to grant odrive permission to access those accounts. Don't worry - you're authenticating directly against their services and odrive doesn't see your passwords at all. 

To link Box or Dropbox to odrive, just double click on the specific app folder inside odrive. 

To link Box or Dropbox to odrive, just double click on the specific app folder inside odrive. 

Have more than one Box or Dropbox account? No problem. You can link as many as you want to odrive so you can use them all at the same time. 

Easily sync and unsync any files or folders 

Now that your Box and Dropbox are linked to odrive, all your files and folders are immediately available. You can easily sync anything you want, and all your synced files are locally available on your computer even if you're offline. Don't worry if you have a ton of files across all your accounts. The beauty of our progressive sync is that odrive will sync only the files you need. Unlike the native Dropbox or Box clients that auto downloads all of your content onto your computer, odrive only syncs the stuff you want as you click through them. It's automatic, so you don't have go back and forth to configure which are the files you want to selectively sync, or not sync. 

All your files still stored within Box and Dropbox

If you don't need your files anymore, you can unsync them from your computer. Unsync removes the files from your computer but they are still stored within your Box and Dropbox storage. So instead of the actual file, odrive shows you a stub of all the stuff that are not currently synced. That way if you actually need them in the future, you can just double click on the files or folders to sync them back again. 


odrive combines everything into one folder so it's super easy for you to get all your stuff together. And it's free. So just try it and see if you like it! 

Using cloud storage is great. And it shouldn't matter if it's your own stuff or your work stuff - we can find a way to sync it and bring it together for you ;)